Apartment Move-in Checklist

Apartment Move-in ChecklistA new apartment is an exciting prospect. It means new friends and neighbors, new attractions and, hopefully, a better place to live. To make sure that your new apartment remains exciting and doesn’t yield nasty surprises, there are several things to check that you might not have considered both within the apartment and in the area you’ll be moving to.


Check the faucets and showers in the kitchen and all the bathrooms to make sure there is good water pressure and that the hot water heater is working.

Make sure the toilet flushes correctly; there’s nothing worse than a toilet that doesn’t flush properly or that constantly leaks water into the bowl.

Check all the lights in the apartment to make sure they work. If they don’t, have the landlord replace the bulbs first, but it may be the fixture itself.

Check the level of cell phone reception in all the rooms in the apartment. These days, many people use their cell phones almost exclusively; checking now can spare you aggravation and annoyance later.

Check all the appliances to make sure they are working properly. Make sure the refrigerator is cooling, the stove and oven work and the microwave, air conditioner and heater.

Check for signs of any insect infestation. Look in the cabinets, around the baseboards; the apartment should be well cleaned.

Listen for sounds of outside traffic. How soundproof are the walls? If you’re near a busy highway, or in an urban area, traffic will be a constant.

Check the action of all the doors. Do they open and close smoothly? Do you have to push or pull very hard to open or close any of them?

Check the carpeted areas for wear and tear. Are there any discolored or damaged areas? Is the carpet pulling up in any corners or pulling away from any spot? Also check for water damage on the walls or ceilings at this time.


Check out the reputation of the landlord with other residents. Do they take care of issues in a timely manner? Do they respond to complaints quickly?

Check out the road system and public transportation. This will give you a good idea of how long it will take you to get to specific places like work, school, the grocery store or the gym.

How safe is the area? Do your homework and find out what the crime rate is like. Is the community gated and patrolled at night?

What are the area’s schools like? A quick check on the Internet will tell you if the local schools get a passing or failing grade.

Does the complex provide a playground or park? If not, is there one nearby where you can walk your dog, let the kids play or just relax in the evenings?

Where will you wash laundry? If a washer and dryer is not provided, or at least hookups for them in the apartment, where can you wash your clothes?