Bargain And Valuable Properties In Bulgaria, Building And Repairing Works!

Bargain And Valuable Properties In Bulgaria, Building And Repairing Works!Although property prices in Bulgaria are relatively cheap compared to other European countries some of the properties in Bulgaria are incredibly cheap in even by Bulgarian standards. The main reason you will find for this is that some of the properties require some sort of renovation or modernisation work to be done, especially among the lower valued properties. We at BG – ESTATE, have developed services to help you bring your property up to a standard you would expect in the UK and Western Europe. We offer:

Organizing bids among construction companies for repairs/construction of houses, taking care of all formalities associated with such bids. Investment control during the bid and after commencing of the work, until the end of the particular project – weekly and monthly reports, pictures after completion of each stage of the work directly to the investor.

Collecting and presenting to the client three different offers from sub contractors with the option for him to choose the best of them.

Possibility to perform small maintenance and repair jobs by own construction crew with guaranteed quality and lowest price

If you want to decrease your expenses buying property in Bulgaria! NEW offer only from BG-ESTATE: Free viewing trips, one year insurance of the new property and very soon free accommodation for all of our costumers! Have a look and don`t be afraid to ask, our competent advisers! All in all we are perfectly placed to help you turn your new Bulgarian property into the house of your dreams.