Competing With New House Sales

Competing With New House SalesMost people do not like to buy a house that is older than ten years, but many of us like to sell homes that are older than this! The meeting point is in the condition of your home.

In the stealthy realty market of today, we need to be selling our homes in top notch condition. If we are a buyer, we can feel confident to ask for certain repairs to be carried out before we move in.

In amongst all the woeful realty articles we have been reading, there are a few outlining the difficulty that builders are having in selling their homes. There is even talk that they have overbuilt for the present market, and this is not good news for a home owner that wants to sell.

The house prices being asked now should be comparable with prices of similar houses sold in the last three months. Even if the house was worth 10,000 more last summer, it still needs to be priced in today’s market if you want to sell it.

The Internet will often show you how much a brand new home costs in your area, if you want to check out the competition! Your real estate agent will have the up-to-the-minute pricing information.

Of course, there are many advantages to buying a home that is not new; all the ‘settling’ underground has been completed and usually the yard is well laid out to lawn, garden, pathways and driveway. The site of mounds of muddy top soil can deter many buyers from a new home, so some conditions still favor older homes.

All this points to one obvious need to be taken care of when putting your house on the market: ensure your front yard looks as good as it can get! Another reason for this is that the front yard will be the seen on the only picture of your home that is shown on the Internet.

The first picture that potential buyers see is a view of the front of the house and the front yard. If they do not like the look of this they will not click any deeper into the file to take the virtual tour of the interior. The front yard is also involved in tempting the ‘drive – by’ buyers so it is very important.

Spend a few dollars buying some trees and shrubs in pots and place them strategically to enhance the photo appeal of your home. Hose down your pathways and ensure the edges are sharp – this shows in a photo.

If buyers think that new homes are the optimum, then make sure that the prospective buyer feels confident that your home is in ‘as new’ condition. Be one step ahead of the buyers and show them your house report.

Pay a home surveyor to come and do an appraisal of your home. Ask for a quote that will require two visits; it will be cheaper than two separate visits, also you have negotiating power over price before the work is awarded. Ask for a brief copy of the quote in writing.

You will require two visits as you will get one report before the repairs he lists and one after you have repaired them. When the buyer comes offer him a copy of your appraisal, it will save him a few hundred dollars, and set a tone of trust in any house-price negotiations.

Your real estate agent will advise you of any inexpensive changes you can make. If you do have any spare cash, the best place to invest it is in your kitchen or bathroom. You get approximately 80% of the expenditure back on the price of the house, and these two areas are the first that new home owners decorate when they move in.

Always re-decorate in neutral colors, grays, cream, beiges and whites. Add extra inexpensive lighting, preferably for ambiance in the bathroom and for brightness in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter how top-of-the-line your kitchen gadgets are – buyers like to see a clear counter top.

If you do not want to re-furbish your whole kitchen then replacement cupboard doors make a big difference for a little price. Also spending a littler extra on some quality kitchen taps will be eye-catching and smack of newness.

Ensure that you buy an electrically charged air freshener and keep at least one of these in operation right by the front door.