Getting an Edge When Selling Your House

Getting an Edge When Selling Your HouseIn today’s housing market, many people are finding that they have a better chance of selling an ice cube to an Eskimo than their house to a buyer. One reason for this is because the present market is geared towards buyers. But, that’s not the only reason. The market is also very over wrought with people who want, or need, to sell. A journey down any neighborhood USA can leave you finding For Sale, For Rent, or even Foreclosed.

This means one thing to people who are trying to sell: you have to get an edge on the competition.

Short of spreading rumors about the others houses on the market (did you hear what that Victorian was doing at the bar last night?), there is no foolproof way to get an edge. However, the following can get you started:

Buy New Windows: Believe it or not, new windows can make a world of difference to a house, particularly an old house. Windows, over time, wear out. This can leave them leaky, cracked, or fogged. Not only can old windows leave your house cold (and increase your heating bill), but it can also leave your house looking less than appealing. The downside of new windows is the price: they aren’t cheap. However, they are an investment, an investment that just might help your house get noticed.

Add an Exterior Hand Carved Door: When you think of home improvement, chances are an exterior hand carved door is not on the top of your list; you’re probably a tad more occupied with fixing a plugged up toilet or a leaky sink. But, when preparing to sell, don’t overlook the outside of your house. Adding something such as an exterior hand carved door can give your house a whole new look, and open up doors (exterior hand carved and otherwise) in the process.

Try Hardwood on for Size: Just like an exterior hand carved door can give the outside of your house a little zest, hardwood floors can equally improve your inside. There is a reason hardwood floors are becoming increasingly more popular (and it’s not just because they’re pur-dy). Hardwood floors are easy to clean, efficient, and most of them will last a lifetime.

Don’t Forget Landscaping: As discussed above, the outside of your house is as important as the inside when you are trying to sell. In fact, since the outside is what prospective buyers first see, it may be your best bet at making a good first impression. This makes landscaping important. Nothing will show a buyer you aren’t really that interested in selling faster than unkept shrubbery or a lawn that doubles as a parking spot for your truck.

Remember the Details: Little things count when it comes to a house. Something as seemingly insignificant as an exterior hand carved door, a vegetable garden, a basketball hoop, or new kitchen counters may be what turns a prospective buyer into a definite one.