Getting the Best Price For Your Property

Getting the Best Price For Your PropertyAre you tired of trying to compete with a lot of other home sellers in a buyer’s market? You could have a distinct advantage over everyone else – one that allows you to get top dollar for your home. It’s simple, offer your home for sale with owner financing.

When you offer owner financing, you agree to hold the real estate notes. In other words, you offer to sell the home, and the buyers make payments to you – not only do you collect a monthly payment, but you also get the added interest. Depending on how long you hold the real estate notes, you can make a significant profit – far more than if you simply sold the home outright.

Some home owners are reluctant to consider offering owner financing because they don’t know much about the process of offering real estate notes, determining whether a buyer is a good credit risk, or concerns about not getting cash out for the sale of the home. All of these concerns and questions can be addressed with the assistance of note professionals.

Real estate notes are routinely offered to home buyers in difficult markets. It’s become even more difficult for buyers to find financing through conventional loan programs, especially after the recent mortgage crisis. So, new buyers are looking for alternatives to purchase a home, and offering real estate notes, or owner financing, is one option to entice more buyers.

Look at an example of the potential income. Take a home with a sale price of $100,000. With an interest rate of 7 percent, and 30 years payment plan, the home owners will pay $239,508 over the life of the loan. That’s $139,508 in profit to the real estate notes owner.

Of course, it’s possible to offer buyer financing, and then opt to sell real estate notes a few years later. There is a big market for buying real estate notes – you can see why, with that kind of profit. So if you chose to sell real estate notes, you won’t have a hard time finding a buyer.

Some people decide to sell real estate notes to raise cash quickly. In this case, you sell real estate notes to the buyer and transfer all rights of payment to the buyer. You merely contact the property owner to let them know that they will change their payment options.

When it comes to buying real estate notes, the buyer will want to check the credit ratings of the home owner, as well as their history for repayments. Buying real estate notes is a great option for investing in the real estate market without purchasing property. There are lots of options for real estate, and savvy sellers should consider the effect real estate notes have on their current investment and future profits.