How To Prepare To Sell Your Home

How To Prepare To Sell Your HomeSelling your home is a big decision to make. However, when that decision is made and the real estate office has been selected that will be handling your home, there is still a lot of preparation that needs to go into selling your home. For starters, the home needs to be thoroughly cleaned. This means having the carpets steam cleaned, the walls washed, the fixtures spotless, and every little corner in the house spotless. Many people think vacuuming the home is enough, however the appearance is everything when it comes to making the sale.

Secondly, make sure everything in the house is in running order. No one wants to buy a house that already has a leaky pipe. A few things that many people overlook is properly opening and closing doors. Though this is something that has probably never bothered the current homeowner. However, looking at this from a potential buyers point of view, they want everything perfect. A door that has a slight problem with the doorknob may be the one little aspect that turns a buyer off.

Next, the home must be prepped for being shown. The house will have potential buyers always coming by to see it. There may even be an open house. This is the first impression and it needs to be flawless. No clutter should be remaining in the house, this includes little knick knacks sitting around the house. If a fireplace is present, it should be professionally cleaned and ready for anyone with a white glove. The windows should have new window treatments, even if you believe the old ones were fine. Many people prefer to see a home that still has some furniture in it, however if you have a cluttered living room, move a few pieces out. This will give off the impression that the living room is bigger and has many possibilities as far as furniture goes.

Most people will also use this time to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. This gives the house a new, clean feel.

Once the inside is as near perfection as it can get. The outside needs to be done the same way. Walkways needs to be free of weeds and clutter. The grass needs to be freshly mowed, and if there are shrubs they need to be trimmed. It also helps the curb appeal if there are a few flowers for added color. There is much more to selling your home than just putting a ‘for sale’ sign on the lawn. In order for the house to be appealing current homeowners much do all they can to make it perfect.