How to Sell Your House in This Market?

How to Sell Your House in This Market?You can sell your house in this market. Here are a few “key tips.”

Tip #1 Always remember to clean! Cleaning is essential. You don’t want the buyers walking through looking at your mess. You want them to see your property at it’s best! It might take a few extra hours or even a cleaning service but, it will be worth it in the long run.

Tip #2 Make sure that you keep it simple. Have a yard sale call your local charity and have them pick up the old nick nacts that you’ve been holding on to for years. The name of this game is “DECLUTTER”! Clutter is a distraction and everyone knows it.

Tip #3 If you have a lot of items that you are not ready to part with, put them in the attic, garage or shed. Keep the basement clear. Many buyer’s think about finishing basements. They may never get to it however, it might just be the deal closer.

Tip #4 I saved the best for last! PRICE WELL. Let’s face it, no one wants to “give their house away”. However, if you are in the market to sell keep in mind that you need to be somewhat competitive with out being down right cheep.

For instance if you are trying to sell your house in any part of Rhode Island. Whether it be Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Middletown, Newport or even The East Side Of Providence. Do some research keep an eye on what is selling so that you will have an idea of price.

My last piece of advice is have realistic expectations. Always remember houses sell in every kind of market!

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