Selling Your House – Easy With Lease Purchase Agreement

Selling Your House - Easy With Lease Purchase AgreementBuying and selling houses is a big business today. People who are engaged in this business are making good money. To sell a house or property during tough economic conditions may be really difficult. Many times you do not get the right amount you are looking for, and many times you do not get the interested buyer for your house. But with some basic strategies and tips you can easily sell your house at profitable rates. Here are some tips for you.

1. Complete all your documents that are essential to sell your house legally. This should be done before hand so that your buyer will be rest assured about all the legal paper works. 2. Decide about your sales price, after comparing some of the recently sold houses in your area. Offer lowest possible prices so that you sell your house quickly. 3. Hire an agent for selling your house. Offer them the commission of about 2-3% or a flat sale fee. This will help you get fast buyer for your home. 4. Offer some attractive incentives to your buyers. Include something like a car, boat, a truck, that you already own or may have used. This can be attractive for your customer. 5. Advertise your houses in local newspapers, online classifieds, local cable channel, etc. Add something attractive like Zero Down Payments, Below Market Costs, Etc.

Lease Purchase Agreement to attract more buyers

Lease Purchase Agreement is one of the best ways by which you can attract more buyers for your houses or property you are selling. Most of the people who are dealing in real estate business make use of lease options. This can be profitable for both buyers and sellers.

In general, lease purchase agreement is a contract made between two parties according to which buyer can use a property or house for a fixed period of time without paying full amount for a property. This is advantageous for buyers as he/ she has full rights to purchase this property after the closing time period. Or in case if they do not want to buy this property, they can skip the deal.

You must be thinking how this can be profitable for the seller. Seller may get down payment from the interested parties which is non-refundable (even in case buyer rejects the offer). Also seller can get monthly installments from the buyers as a rent. This all is done legally and according to rules of the state government. A contract is signed up by both the parties and thus proves to be beneficial for both during property dealing.