Looking in the UK For Office Space to Rent – Why Not Look at Maidstone Kent?

Looking in the UK For Office Space to Rent - Why Not Look at Maidstone Kent?When thinking of UK office space to rent, perhaps Maidstone, Kent isn’t your first thought. However, it should be. Located just 32 miles southeast of London and with excellent road access (both M20 and the M2 motorways run through Kent), Maidstone is a quaint mid-sized town with just over 75,000 habitants, and is the perfect location for your next rented office space. While many people think of the big “three” (London, Manchester, or Birmingham) as an ideal home for businesses, Maidstone just might surprise you.

Some little known facts about Maidstone:

-It is the most populated area within Kent county. -Maidstone is home to the largest paper-recycling factory in Europe, which makes Maidstone’s town centre a base for the paper and packaging industry. -The town centre has the largest office centre in the county. -There is over one million square feet of retail floor space in Maidstone

Though some of Maidstone’s residents commute to London, most are employed within the town and its surrounding area. Retail, administrative, and service sectors are key employers within the town centre, while many industrial estates around the town provide work on the outskirts.

Your search for UK office space for rent should include Maidstone, Kent, especially if you are looking for an industrially friendly town. There are a number of business parks within the town set up by high-tech firms and KEF loudspeaker manufacturer calls Maidstone home, and is one of the remaining industrial plants, leftover from the days of old. Until 1998, the Sharps toffee factory was a large employer within Maidstone.

In terms of business of options, don’t let Maidstone’s medium size trick you into thinking it doesn’t have what you need-from landmark commercial properties featuring all the conveniences of the big city, to modern developments that are simple but efficient. There are historic brick buildings and Tudor buildings, modern glass structures, and standard business units, all according to want and taste.