Maximize Your Selling Potential

Maximize Your Selling PotentialIn today’s real estate market, a seller must present his house in the best possible way. Not only are buyers looking for a great deal, they are also looking for a house that doesn’t need many repairs. One thing that will turn off a buyer quickly is going to a house and the first thing that they see are items that need repaired.

With a little effort on your part, you can create a house that can be sold at a better price and more quickly than others that have a few minor flaws.

Over the years, just about any house has a few problems that need to be repaired or replaced. With today’s busy lifestyle, many minor problems get neglected and can become major problems. Following is a list of items that as a realtor, I have noticed in houses that I have shown that should be taken care of.

Curb Appeal

* Trim any bushes that have overgrown. * Make sure gutters and downspouts are secure and clean. * Make sure all exterior lights are working. * Repair or replace any damaged storm windows or screens. * Repair or replace any broken windows. * Repair any roof defects. * Wash the house. * Wash the windows. * Keep lawns cut and edged. * Seal blacktop on driveway.


* Clean the carpets. * De-clutter – store any excess furniture. * Make sure all lights work. * Paint or retouch items that need it. * Clean the baseboards and trim. * De-clutter your counter tops. * Clean cabinets, oven, and microwave. * Clean out refrigerator and top of it. * Remove personal items from refrigerator. * Clean the basement. * Clean the bathroom. * Remove unnecessary items from under all cabinets. * Clean or replace furnace filter. * Repair or replace any leaky faucets.

In other words, make the house sparkle. Most of these items are very inexpensive and will do wonders to make your house sell. When trying to sell a house, you need to make buyers see themselves living here. They don’t want to see your “stuff” scattered about. They want to be able to imagine their items being there. If there are too many of your items there, or the place is in disrepair, they will go to the next house on the list. They need to think of your house as the best of the best for them.