Moving – Sell Your House in Record Time

Moving - Sell Your House in Record TimeIn the best of times, it can be a challenge to sell your house. In a depressed real estate market, it can seem like pulling teeth. However, though selling your house is a necessary component of moving, it doesn’t have to be as hard as many people make it out to be. A lot of families turn out to be their own worst enemy when it comes to selling their house. In order to get the house sold quickly and to net the best possible selling price, you’ll have to do some prep work. Don’t overlook the importance of the first impression.

When it comes to selling your house, you can’t overlook the power of appearances. If you’re thinking logically, it shouldn’t matter that much whether you have an empty, spacious home, or if every room is filled to the ceiling with junk. The potential buyers know they aren’t buying your stuff, so why should it matter, right? But it does matter. It matters immensely, which is why it is so important to present prospects with the very best version of your home you can create. Clean the house as if the Queen of England was visiting. Make sure and get down into the tiles and pull out the floor polish if it’s not something you regularly do.

Beyond simply cleaning, take advantage of the fact you’re moving to make your home as sparse as possible. This is not the time to impress visitors with how much stuff you’ve collected. If you’ve ever toured a model home, you’ve probably noticed how clean and spare the design is. Try to make your home the same way. It may seem contrary to your way of thinking, but most prospective buyers don’t want to see that “lived-in” look. Some of it is inevitable, of course-after all, you do live there. But try to redecorate in such a way that allows them to see their own furnishings in place of yours.

Beyond cleaning and making adjustments to the decorating scheme, it can help to do some small home improvement projects before trying to sell the house. This can be a lot to think about when you also have moving on your mind, but it is important. If there are any broken or loose cabinets, now is the time to fix them. The same goes for any blinds and curtains that might be an eyesore. Don’t overlook the importance of a well manicured lawn as well. This contributes to what insiders like to call “curb appeal” and it can make a huge difference in the selling price.