Own a Home Sooner With Rent to Own Homes

Own a Home Sooner With Rent to Own HomesAre you a first time home buyer? Are you having trouble finding that perfect and affordable home?

Some homebuyers find it hard to reach their goals. Maybe your credit rating is not so great. Maybe you have no credit at all, which could be worse than having bad credit. You would be surprised how many lenders don’t want to take a risk on you.

So what can you do?

You could sit down and come up with a plan. Maybe you already know you can easily afford a mortgage up to $100,000. But where do you come up with the 20% to put down on the home in order to keep the payments in your budget.

You could save it up over time. In that time the cost of the home could increase. Maybe you already had one picked out. Will it still be there when you come up with the down payment?

Don’t forget about rent, power bills and other living expenses. Most people spend over half of their weekly income just to survive. If you counted all of your income as savable money, you have already run across your first pot hole in your plan.

Or, you could rent to own. You’re going to pay rent anyway. Why not have the money you pay for a home be put toward a home of your own instead of lining someone else’s pockets?

Everyday thousands of people use this option to own their own homes. They go and view the homes and if it is what they want they put down a small percentage on the home. Now they are on their way. All the money they pay from that point on is deducted from the price of the property. They choose how long they want to rent. Maybe for three to five years. Then during this time they may choose to buy the home at which point the equity belongs to them.

What if your circumstances change during this time or you are no longer satisfied with the property. No problem. You just walk away at the end of your lease. You’re on your way to try again.

So now that you have read this article, what are your plans? Does it sound like something that you could do? Join the thousands who are living their dreams of being a home owner and look for your rent to own property today. Life ticks by minute by minute and not one of those minutes can be relived. So live in the moment and grab your dream. Don’t wait until you can meet the bank’s demands. Home ownership is easier to obtain then ever.

Still not sure? Okay. Maybe you could stay in your parents home a little longer. Maybe you could go by their rules and listen to their nagging while you save your money. Then maybe in a few years you will finally have that big down payment and a home of your own.

The choice is yours. What will yours be?