Real Property Selling – Some Fine Ways to Keep Your Commission

Real Property Selling - Some Fine Ways to Keep Your CommissionWant to sell your home without paying some agent’s commission? It’s more possible than you think. Many people think that “For Sale by Owner” means a lot of work and little guarantee of a profitable sale. With the possibilities afforded by the Internet today, though, selling your home yourself has never been easier. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your efforts more successful.

Curb appeal Usually, the first thing a potential buyer notices is the exterior of the house, so your house should have curb appeal (how it looks from the street). Make sure to keep the lawn and bushes trimmed and well-landscaped. If the exterior shows wear, now is the time for repairs. Be sure the paint, siding, and trim are up to date. An attractive outer appearance will draw buyers.

Beautiful inside and out The inside should be as attractive as the outside. Every room should be clutter-free and clean. Fresh paint helps indoors, too. However, be sure to use neutral colors, since your taste and a buyer’s may not be the same. Also update blinds, carpets, etc. with attractive neutral colors.

Spark the buyers’ imaginations Which sounds better: a vacant family room, or the same room with a chair, love seat, coffee table, and a cozy fire in the fireplace? Everyone would go for that second one, of course. Setting a scene so the buyer can imagine herself living there is called staging. It helps sell the house when a potential buyer is touring the inside.

Get the word out How will people know the house is for sale? One simple way to advertise is through online real estate sites. You can often list for free and have thousands of people in your area viewing your ad. Online classifieds also help, and some people even make their own web site showing off their home’s features. Perhaps the most effective method is word of mouth. Be sure to tell everyone you know, because you never know who might be in the market.

Show it off Once it is beautiful inside and out, invite the world in to see it. Hold an open house (or series of them). Put signs at major intersections and put ads in newspapers and online. Make sure the staging is just right. Along these lines, bake something in the oven. Nothing smells like home so much as fresh-baked bread or cookies. The friendlier and more forthcoming you are in answering questions, the more likely you will make a sale through your open house.