Review of a Buyer Or a Listing Agent

Review of a Buyer Or a Listing AgentWho is better for you a listing agent or a buyer agent?

In most real-estate offices you will usually find agents that are known primarily as “Listing Agents” or as “Buyers Agents”. That does not mean that listing agents do not work with buyers, and vise versa. Every now and then you will find a “team” concept where you have 1 or 2 strong listing agents that handle all the listings and then they have 3 or 4 buyers’ agents on their team. Remember that working with a team is better than working with only one person. You can get more done with 5 people rather that working with only one.

Can you benefit from a realtor with a good track record?

This is where it becomes more difficult for the seller to determine who to do business with. An agent that is a good listing agent may have good closing techniques, but may have lots of listings and will not be able to work with your property like they should. Their time from listing all of these properties may be spread very thin. With the market the way it is today you need to find a realtor that will take the time you need and show you the financial ropes that you need in order to get your property sold, rented, or leased. Many realtors today are joining the internet marketing world due to the dying real-estate market. These realtors have the skills that are required to be that successful internet marketer.

In conclusion as a buyer or a listing agent you need to be successful in both in order to stay competitive in today’s market. Marketing the way realtors have to market in the public forum is a great start for them in the internet marketing world.