Sell Your Home Without Putting Up a Yard Sign

Sell Your Home Without Putting Up a Yard SignWhy market a home without a yard sign?

Today’s real estate market is filled with foreclosures and lower market values than ever before. Selling a home using conventional methods will make the home subject to the market conditions. Putting a home in the market using the common method of using multiple listings and realtor channels will put the home in direct comparison and competition with other homes attracting for a small market of buyers.

Try using a modern “word of mouth” method for marketing your home. The power of the internet and becoming acquainted with available, and many of them free, web tools can make it possible to be in control of an effective marketing campaign for your home.

Ways to Self Market your Home:

– Establish a free website or a blog (weblog) to highlight your home. Take digital pictures to show the positive and attractive features of your home. Take as many as you feel to show off your home. – Label or name your blog or website to describe your home. Location, for sale, model, etc – If you have friends on a social network like Face book, ask them to post your home in their marketing wall. Reference the URL for your website or blog. – Search for and use free classified advertising websites. Many of these classified websites are very popular and provide extensive exposure. Be sure to reference the URL of your website or blog so that a small classified ad will direct visitors to the picture and description rich website. – You can learn about and use Google Webmaster tools to optimize your blog or website for those who will be using search engines to search for a home in your area.

If you are thinking of selling your home during the current real estate market conditions, start now to market by “word of mouth”. There is no commitment to an agent to prevent your experimentation with your own marketing efforts or to use a realtor later in your marketing program. People can be attracted to your home based on location, beauty, and features before they are attracted by price. It may take more time to sell your home than lowering the asking price until it sells.