Sell Your House in a Tough Market

Sell Your House in a Tough MarketWe are going through a rough market. There are way more houses for sale than there are buyers to buy them. That means that the buyers have the upper hand and that is why this is called the “buyer’s market”. The houses are still selling, and they have two things in common. Either they are the best looking houses in the neighborhood or they are the cheapest. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these houses to sell, you are good to go. If not, then here are few things you can do;

1) Paint your house: A little paint can change the way your house will look. You can be very creative with the paint. It does not cost much and it is easy to do it yourself. Make sure to use neutral colors and not too dark or bright colors.

2) Update your kitchen: Kitchens and bathrooms sell the house. So these two places need most of your attention. If you have older kitchen cabinets, then you can either sand them and re-stain them or paint them. You can also change the counter top for good price from Kitchen cabinet’s places. You have to make sure that the kitchen cabinet color and counter top color combination looks good together and catches the buyer’s attention. You can also upgrade the kitchen by using fancy lighting fixture, knobs and the faucets.

3) Update your bathroom: Update your bathroom by changing your lighting fixture, vanities and faucets. It is easy to change the toilet as well if it is too old.

4) Curb appeal: You can add some curb appeal by painting your main entrance door and get the matching shutters. Make sure the color combination of the front door and the shutters looks good with the color of the siding. Make sure the trees and bushes are trimmed and the grass is cut. Plant some all season plants with some mulch to add some color. Add some nice lighting fixtures outside and a new modern mailbox in the front as well.

Doing all this work is a necessity in this market, to be able to sell your house. These improvements do take time, effort, money and commitment. This market is not forgiving. If your house is in the market and it is not selling, you are losing money every day. The value of your house might be decreasing every day as well. For some people it is easier to do than others, but you cannot give up. You have to follow the suggestion made in this article and take action.