You Must Create a Point of Difference to Profit Big

You Must Create a Point of Difference to Profit BigRight now economies around the western world seem to have walked off a cliff and traditional methods and systems are failing as old systems are still being employed to solve new problems.

At the same time students financial fortunes are increasing…

Why? Simple really, as it has been proven time and time again following the 95% and you end up poor and the 5% who do it different and up rich and my students definitely don’t follow the herd.

Being different provides you with a specialist knowledge for which others are prepared to pay

Being different creates market noise which invites activity

Being different is news worthy as nobody wants to write about somebody doing the same old thing as has been done before.

The video this week although not about property is relevant as to the thinking behind it and it’s the change in thinking that is necessary to survive and profit and in the current market.

I’m presently in the United Kingdom. The experts tell us the UK property market is in shambles but only if you wish to tackle the present market with outdated thinking.

I was in Manchester England yesterday creating new forms for the UK real estate market the lawyers mentioned the only property clients who are making money are the ones who realize they need to be flexible in thought in order to move forward. I agree

Everybody seems to be hung up on obtaining BMV properties (below market value) and burning out life energy competing with each other…I suggest pay more than the other guy you’ll attract all the market and you will do very little marketing or work as the market will come to you all you need is a new process that makes you a profit by paying sellers more.

When I created the couch critic it had to fit what has been mentioned above….

It had to create noise and provide a point of difference

It had to be able to be produced for virtually no money

It had to benefit other parties first before I benefited second

Having no money and knowing nothing about television I called up the TV stations and asked if I could borrow a cameraman to film the pilot in mums lounge room. They thought I was nuts but gave me phone numbers of some contract crews. I called a bunch of guys eventually a guy called Lou Petho dropped by and because the idea was so unconventional he said he just had to be a part of it so filled mums house with fish heads and pizza boxes (mum didn’t speak to me for years).

We made it noticeable by making it loud, appear cheap and politically incorrect in a very refined television market…as well as making it fun. In the beginning we actually took it to Channel 9 in Sydney but they didn’t like the show as they said it represented the average Australian guy and therefore who would care so we took it to the US. where it was different!

(when watching it notice the intro credits they look like they cost 5c and the music was one guitar highly compressed so the sound appeared to pop out of the television and the character was very uneducated an slovenly )

By benefitting others first we provided an inexpensive vehicle for an Australian beer company to grab market share in the US, enabled a US pizza company to gain national coverage and US movie distributors a way to promote upcoming features inexpensively

As a result their sponsorship meant the couch critic cost nothing to produce.

Being different also attracted the media being newsworthy which proved to be a great accelerator

Everybody said it wouldn’t work for a thousand different reasons because it didn’t follow the standard and accepted way of producing television. You must have passion and with passion by default you will have drive and if you have drive then you will always find a way and when you find a way the 95% who didn’t want to take the journey will want to know how you do what you do. And pay you handsomely for the privilege

Oh by the way if you type “couch critic” into a search engine seems they have some American guy doing my show now…but I don’t think he’s as good